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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer (LGBTIQ) Inclusion is a natural part of our journey under RED, because we know that inclusive work practices in any form, whether it be for LGBTIQ, the culturally and linguistically diverse, or another cohort, contribute to positive cultures.

We also know that diverse organisations with inclusive work practices generate creative and innovative ideas and processes, and that there are improved levels of employee engagement in such organisations. As such, it simply makes good business sense to embed inclusive practices to enable to be a truly adaptive, innovative and agile organisation and to support us to better meet the needs of the diverse clients, partners and communities that we serve.

This page provides resources to managers, supervisors and employees to educate and raise awareness regarding LGBTIQ Inclusion, which will assist the ECG to develop work practices and cultures that are inclusive of LGBTIQ employees and LGBTIQ members of the wider community.


ECG LGBTIQ Inclusion
ECG LGBTIQ Guidelines for Gender Transition
ECG Celebrating Diversity & Inclusion – Case Studies
ECG LGBTIQ Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination
ECG LGBTIQ Resources
(currently under review, available shortly) ACTPS Family Violence Toolkit

The ECG would like to acknowledge the contribution of Pride in Diversity and Trans-Formative-Solutions in developing these resources.